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Welcome to the world of San Judas tattoos, crafted by Daniel Young. With a passion for art and a deep spiritual connection, where artistry meets spirituality. Meet Daniel Young, a gifted tattoo artist with an unwavering passion for crafting exceptional works of ink. Through his masterful touch, Daniel breathes life into the divine imagery of San Judas, creating soul-stirring tattoos that resonate deeply with each wearer. A journey guided by art and a profound connection to the spiritual world has led Daniel Young to specialize in the art of San Judas tattoos. With every stroke of his needle, he weaves together a tapestry of faith, hope, and reverence, making his tattoos not merely ink on skin but spiritual expressions that speak to the heart and soul. Allow us to unveil the story behind the hands that create these awe-inspiring tattoos, the mind that envisions intricate designs, and the heart that pours meaning into every piece. In this corner of the internet, you'll discover the essence of Daniel Young's remarkable artistry and the spiritual journey that infuses each San Judas tattoo with sacred significance. Join us as we embark on a quest to explore the fascinating world of San Judas tattoos, guided by the skilled hands and visionary artistry of Daniel Young. Welcome to a realm where faith and creativity intertwine, leaving an indelible mark of hope on the canvas of your being.

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Daniel's legacy as a tattoo artist specializing in San Judas tattoos continues to grow,
leaving a profound impact on the hearts and spirits of all who have the privilege of wearing his art.

01 / Guardian of Lost Souls

"Guardian of Lost Souls" (2009): A masterpiece that captured the essence of San Judas as the compassionate guardian of lost souls. This intricate full-back tattoo featured a finely detailed portrait of the saint, surrounded by symbols of hope and healing. The radiant glow of the dove perched on San Judas' shoulder symbolized peace, while the lilies at his feet represented purity. This emotionally evocative piece earned accolades from the tattoo community and touched the hearts of many clients seeking solace during challenging times.

02 / Eternal Faith

"Eternal Faith" (2013): A stunning sleeve tattoo that narrated a compelling story of faith and redemption. This design illustrated San Judas holding an image of Jesus close to his heart, symbolizing unwavering devotion and love. The artwork displayed a striking interplay of colors, with rich hues that signified the deep emotional connection between San Judas and the divine. "Eternal Faith" became a powerful representation of spiritual resilience, drawing admiration from both clients and fellow artists alike.

03 / Divine Harmony

"Divine Harmony" (2015): This breathtaking masterpiece seamlessly fused elements of art and spirituality, evoking a sense of divine harmony. The design featured San Judas with outstretched arms, surrounded by an intricate mandala that represented the balance and interconnectedness of all things. The delicate use of color gradients added depth and dimension to the tattoo, symbolizing the interplay between light and darkness in life's journey. "Divine Harmony" not only served as a powerful emblem of spiritual unity but also showcased Daniel Young's exceptional skill in using art to convey profound philosophical themes.

04 / Triumph of Hope

"Triumph of Hope" (2017): A transformative cover-up tattoo that exemplified Daniel Young's ingenuity and artistic prowess. This intricate piece concealed a previously faded tattoo, breathing new life into the canvas. The design portrayed San Judas ascending amidst rays of light, signifying triumph over adversity and the promise of better days ahead. With a blend of fine line work and vibrant colors, this tattoo not only rekindled hope in its wearer but also showcased Daniel's mastery in transforming old tattoos into meaningful masterpieces.

05 / Resilience Unbound

"Resilience Unbound" (2019): A testament to the strength of the human spirit, "Resilience Unbound" embodied the unwavering determination of San Judas in the face of adversity. This half-sleeve tattoo portrayed the saint emerging from a shattered hourglass, signifying the triumph of hope over time's constraints. The intricate details of the broken glass and the lifelike expression on San Judas' face reflected Daniel's ability to infuse his art with realism and emotion. "Resilience Unbound" resonated deeply with those seeking empowerment and courage, making it a cherished emblem of fortitude in the midst of life's challenges.

06 / Sanctuary of Miracles

"Sanctuary of Miracles" (2021): An awe-inspiring collaboration between Daniel Young and a devoted client seeking a profound expression of gratitude. This back-piece tattoo depicted San Judas in an ethereal setting, surrounded by an intricate mandala of intertwining symbols representing miracles and blessings. The piece served as a testament to the countless lives touched by the saint's intercession, and the gratitude of the wearer for the miracles received. Its emotional resonance and impeccable artistry exemplified Daniel's dedication to creating tattoos that transcend the boundaries of skin and become sacred affirmations of faith.


These notable works, among many others, form a testament to Daniel Young's artistic journey since 2007. With over 500 finished artworks, 1000+ unique designs, and a remarkable number of 3000+ happy clients, Daniel's legacy as a tattoo artist specializing in San Judas tattoos continues to grow, leaving a profound impact on the hearts and spirits of all who have the privilege of wearing his art.


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